Purchasing Services

This section introduces the entire commercial offering process and the key milestones related to the period that spans from the initial engagement until the signature of the Services Contract. As already mentioned, the final commercial offering will be the result of a COLLABORATION BETWEEN PARTICIPANTS, THE ORGANIZER AND ITS OFFICIAL PARTNERS.

This collaboration should START AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE and should also involve 'in some case architects and designers planning the Participants' Exhibition Space. This is the key to coordinate all activities included in the design and integration of technological components (such as wi-fi hotspots cabling, security sensors, ...). The Organizer and its Official Partners strongly encourage Participants to tackle this phase with the highest level of commitment in terms of resources and time availability.


Below is reported a list of the most important phases of the offering process together with a short description of the required activities.

  • INFORMATION REQUEST: preferably within one month from the signature of their Participation Contract with the Organizer Participants must submit a request for information about especially the Basic offering through the Form present in this Catalogue. With this request, Participants provide contact details of the personnel appointed to follow the realization of the Exhibition Space and the integration of Partners' solutions. Furthermore, Participants must submit their technological equipment needs in the Exhibition Project delivery. Those Participants that have already signed their Participation Contract must contact the Organizer as described above, at their earliest convenience.
  • BEGINNING OF COLLABORATION: once interfaces have been defined, cooperation will start between Participants, the Organizer and its Official Partners. This may require physical or virtual meetings. During this phase architects explain their ideas and introduce their concepts, while the Organizer and its Official Partners provide a deep dive on the available services and brainstorm on how services and solutions can be developed in the Exhibition Space.
  • PACKAGES SELECTION: in addition to the Basic, Participants have the opportunity to choose services available in the Advanced and Top packages, both ICT & Smart and General Services. The Organizer and its Official Partners will provide all kind of information to support Participants in their decision-making.
  • SERVICES DIMENSIONING: after the selection of the most suitable set of services, the Organizer and its Official Partners will take an active role in defining the detailed project in relation to the specific characteristics of the Exhibition Space (dimension, staff, processes, ...).
  • NEGOTIATION AND COMMERCIAL OFFERING: starting from the selected services, Official Partners will be able to realize and consolidate a commercial offering. This will be a process that takes into account the characteristics of each Participant (e.g. physical space) selecting services and dimensioning until the appropriate trade-off among all constraints is found.
  • CONTRACT SIGNATURE: this phase includes the negotiation of the contract to be signed by Participants and Official Partners and the definition of other relevant details (e.g. Service Level Agreements, Scope Change charges, etc.).
  • ORDER SUBMISSION: after the contract finalization, Official Partners submit the required hardware/goods order and book the related professional services required to implement the selected solutions.

Orders should be submitted with the right time advance to guarantee the necessary delivery and installation time. The recommended deadline for hardware submission for Exhibition Spaces is June 2014 in order to allow for all preparation phases to be successfully put in place on time.