The Organizer has developed a mandatory offer for Participants in order to build with all of them the first layer of basic technological services that enables Participants to be fully integrated with Expo Milano 2015 Smart City.

In summary, the rationale that drives the strategy of the Organizer:

  • the strategic decision to BUILD ONE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE on the Exhibition Site (e.g. telecommunications network and connectivity);
  • respect of ENVIRONMENTAL CONSTRAINTS (e.g. infrastructure civil works on the Exhibition Site for the networks connections);
  • necessity to AVOID INTERFERENCE between providers (e.g. radiofrequency interference);
  • need to ensure a COHERENT VISITOR EXPERIENCE between all Exhibition Spaces and the Expo Milano 2015 Smart City (e.g. smart solutions for building and energy);
  • ensure that PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES ENJOY A FULL-FLEDGED VISITOR EXPERIENCE throughout the Expo Site, seamlessly moving through Participants' Exhibition Spaces as well as common areas;
  • need to ENSURE SAFETY AND SECURITY through a single Main Operation Center;
  • need to guarantee EFFICIENT SUPPORT AND ACTIVITIES MAINTENANCE with dedicated support organization (the Main Operation Centre and the Security Operations Centre are managed by the Organizer with its Official Partner);
  • Participants' Exhibition Space projects development FACILITATED AND ACCELERATED.


Aside Mandatory Basic technological services, the Organizer and its Partners offer a series of optional solutions further subdivided in Advanced Services (with specific restrictions in terms of acceptable suppliers) and Top (no suppliers constraints).

Participants have to take in account that the Advanced offering include turnkey managed solutions that are considered optional, but would incur un specific restrictions in terms of acceptable supplier (the Organizer Partners) due to environmental constraints, integration with the Organizer technological systems and solutions, integration with the Basic offering and the efficiency on the operations activities. As a consequence, if Participants do not want to be integrated, managed and supported by the Organizer and its Partners, they can choose other suppliers.